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         OTIS Top

   USA   S  2-8             M 10-14          L 16--18           XL  20-24

A creative make, Otis is first pieced together, then cut into strips, and then cut from the pattern. it’s a great top and perfect in anything soft.

For sizes L and XL do not use a directional print. 


Fabric: lightweight.use jersey knit, light linen, cotton/silk voile, rayon, any soft silk substrate. 

1) use two fabrics either in color, print or substrate. 

2) use one fabric (if choosing not to have the bottom detail)


We used light model knit for the top, and lower fabric is 100% cotton ‘sophia washed lawn’ voile from Robert Kaufman Fabric. 




FABRIC 54” WIDE:     


Version A - 2 Fabrics

                          Fabric 1                                         Fabric 2

S/M             1-5/8Yards or 1.45Meters                1-1/3 Yards or 1.25 Meters

L/XL               2 Y or 1.65M                                     1-2/3 Y or 1.45M


44” WIDE

                           Fabric 1                                          Fabric 2

S/M                    2 Y or 1.65M                             1-2/3 Y or 1.45M

L/XL                 2-1/8 Y or 2M                              1-7/8 Y or 1.65M



54 / 44” wide fabric:

               Version B - 1 Fabric

S/M         2-1/2Y or 2.25M

L/XL         2-2/3Y or 2.45M


         OTIS Top is featured in SYCHIL 6, not a free pattern as 6.