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A new take on the A-line tunic. You will not believe how easy this one is. One of my new all time favs. And believe me the pants will become your new favorite!

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    Meri dress and pants

    Posted by polarbearcub on Apr 9th 2019

    First of all- I´m no native english speaker - so you are welcome to keep all the grammar and spelling mistakes you find :D

    Now the review:

    I am not too fond of the dress, but I can´t really tell you why. It is quite tight for a Tina Givens pattern (which ususally are very roomy). Maybe it would hang better had I made it in M instead of S. Still somehow it looks a bit like a sack on me (which may be due to the color of the fabric - actually a very nice olive-brown linen - but also the shape of the dress) and I really need to put on some accessories to "pimp" it and make it work.

    But I do love the pants and wear them quite often.

    The arm- and neckholes of the dress were a bit strange and VERY big, so I needed zu change them. The original dart given in the pattern for me was in a wrong position, so I needed to change that, too.

    The pant legs are basically extremely flared but the flared part is pleated vertically. When on my first attempt I pleated the pant legs as given in the pattern, the legs were too tight to get my foot through it! Jeez... so I had to undo all the seams and make smaller pleats.

    I guess it´s always good advice with Tina Givens patterns to first baste all the seams, try on the piece and if all is fine, sew it.

    As always: The instructions are a bit vague and sometimes quite cryptic - I would love Ms Givens to improve on her pattern-making abilities and to give clearer instructions, because I do adore her designs and hate to struggle needlessly with the patterns. I guess the instructions appear all clear and fine to her (well, she made them), but sonetimes it´s hard to get into her head and understand what she means.

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    Meir top and pants

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 19th 2019

    Several mistakes in the pattern. On rows 5 and 6 the numbers were incorrectly printed. When the side seams were matched on the larger top piece the hem did not match. The length of the front and back seams were not equal when the pieces were joined. Someone needs to actually try out the pattern before it is sent out as a download.