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Here, we are a community of creative individuals who sew, making beautiful personal garments for our wardrobes. We all take sewing personally! 

As a member of SEWTG you receive 25% off all sewing patterns, Free Club Patterns, Access to our BUILD YOUR WARDROBE Workshop series and our FORUM to chat and share with other members.

Gold Premium members also receive 1 download pattern of their choice each month and open access to SYCHIL MAGAZINE and patterns. 




Build Your Wardrobe




SEW Tina Givens was created to offer a personal perspective on the craft of sewing. Tina Givens began as a young girl, designing and cutting fabric and stitching it up in her own unique way. Throughout her career from the corporate world and into her design career, Givens never stopped sewing. With an insatiable appetite for clothes and fabric, she launched her apparel brand into the world and is currently found in unique independent boutiques worldwide. With a deep traction in the craft world, designing textiles for the sewing industry, she began to share her designs in sewing patterns. Beginning with a few, Tina launched the Tina Givens Sewing Pattern collection. TG patterns are both romantic and avante guard all at the same time. The patterns evolve as time goes by, always striving for a new version of what trends, yet keeps her aesthetic intact for all of us.


There are three levels all with great benefits. See which one suits you. And to celebrate the new website and the new CLUB...

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If you like to receive SYCHIL then your best is SILVER or GOLD LEVEL, Silver offers 25% off SYCHIL and Gold is complimentary FOR THE DIGITAL version, 25% off print.

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CLUB TG is a community of incredible human beings who are daring to be themselves in creating their signature style. Creating their own incredible wardrobes filled with lovely garments they create, live and celebrate life in. We at TG hope to inspire you with unique design and technique with a comfortable and candid approach to sewing, making and living.

As a member, you will receive:

• 20-25% discount levels,

•Free Club Patterns for Silver & Gold Levels

• FaceBook CLUB tg Page

• Bronze gets 20% off SYCHIL

• Silver gets 25% off SYCHIL

• Gold gets SYCHIL digital free and 25% off SYCHIL

• Our new program DESIGN YOUR WARDROBE is a seasonal program offering patterns, insight and selection for you to design and create your seasonal wardrobe. Free with Silver and Gold (a $50.00 value).


We have a new FaceBook Group to inspire and share along the way with personal live effects with Tina Givens, to talk through some of the new projects, fabric and palettes, and the new DESIGN YOUR SEASONAL WARDROBE Program launching in Spring.

In a nutshell, Bronze is an annual subscription offering the Basic Plan, see below.   $42.95

SILVER offers a deeper discount level + 25% off all SYCHIL releases, print or digital.  $62.95 

GOLD levels INCLUDE everything and SYCHIL Digital FREE.   $82.95 


Join the Club. There are three levels all with great benefits. See which one suite you.