Jan 26th 2014

Welcome to the new Journal

SYCHIL NEWS. Well this surely has been quite an endeavor, but we are finally getting it in motion where we will be releasing SYCHIL more often. Honestly, the hold up is the printing of the magazine. If one thing is missing or goes wrong in pre-production, production or even in post... it delays everything. We are working each day to resolve these issues one by one. 

Here in this blog where only you as a member of SYCHIL or CLUB MEMBER can view the blog will share even more relating to each SYCHIL issue. We will go behind the scenes, and share the prep and production of the photo-shoots, the design and inspiration process and some personal details of why and how the issue comes about.

This new website has been a welcome change in creating a living, interactive forum and shop for you. Navigation was poor in the old site as well as slow, blippy, and difficult to manage all the way around. It wasn't just you! We were suffering too. While we are in the early stages of this site and it's various gadgets and components, the good news is this site has many tools and gadgets we love -- making our job easier to categorize, create customer groups like SYCHIL and CLUB members and make your viewing, searching and shopping even better. We can offer pages that only you as a SYCHIL and / or CLUB subscribers can view. Like this blog!

Kati's Slip

This slip we call Kati's Slip because my friend the amazing Kati Koos of the Kati Koos store loved the twist we did to the ordinary Cinda Slip. Here we used the Patricia SKIRT, and the Briare bodice. We lengthened the Briare Bodice to just below the hip, and cut the Patricia skirts 20" long. Follow the skirt directions with it's vertical ruffles and side ruffles.

I absolutely love this color! Silk Organza.